How to prune and cut the Trees

tree_branch_cutting_tsBy the combination of race, age, growing location, and the area is each unique tree. Therefore every tree needs a different kind of care.Especially over roads, buildings, or other vulnerable sites that are regularly accessed by people, it is important to remove dead wood from trees.By the removal of one or more branches on the underside of the crown to give low-hanging branches no more inconvenience, it is transmitted and more light is maintained or restored to the upright shape of trees.

b-workshop-chainsaws-aug13-p90-cleartrunkstep1If we take away from the crown to some branches, there is more light and air into and under the tree, any abrasions branches prevented or corrected themselves, is the desired shape in the crown restored and the tree is less prone to disease and windage.The rigorous pruning of trees is a kind of coat. This is only acceptable in certain tree species that have much chance of surviving such a good surgery. Consider, for example, willows, lime trees, plane trees or city.

Anchor fitting crown

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aerial-tree-cutting-300x225We do this in trees and the pruning of certain tasks is not a good option, but where the outbreak of branches should be avoided. In the crown of the tree are special tires fitted to ensure that the tree can still move and grow normally, but no can blow off large branches.This is particularly important for trees with long, heavy flared branches and trees with large slice axils (where the tree grows very vertical – it looks like it is stuck to the trunk).

Transplanting and anchoring large trees

trimming-treesIt happens that not maintains trees on an existing site, but is too valuable to pass. In these cases can be chosen for special trees give a new location, by transplanting them.By carrying out such a project it is not necessary to wait until a young planting has reached a considerable size, but the area can immediately take advantage of a large tree. Tree Service Anacortes transplant all type of trees.

shutterstock_92581It is important to discuss possibilities for transplanting in as early as possible because the longer preparation time (to dig around to transplanting), the more likely the tree catches beautiful. The best time to transplant trees is from November to March.We Tree Service Anacortes transplant trees in a way that the tree remains healthy and beautiful.

Removal of the tree tub

pruning-cherryThe tree tub is the part of the stem that sits below ground. For this, we can obviously take care. We do this through various stump cutters or digging with a mobile crane.A nice alternative to completely removing a tree is to grow a stem portion in order to give to another function. Examples are a feeding ground for birds, a chair or table, or a planter.

Shredding / disposal of wood

After pruning or removing trees we can dispose of a hassle for you the excess wood. For this, we use smaller quantities of trailers, and in large quantities. Tree Service Anacortes have all the skills to remove all the excess wood.